Focus in an Unfocused World

Let’s face it. We’re distracted. And it’s not just at the wheel. It’s everywhere. At least for me. I can’t even watch tv without surfing the internet simultaneously. When I try to focus on work I find myself elsewhere, until suddenly the day is done and not much else is. I’m on some website reading the news and then I’m like wait, wasn’t I just about to clean out my inbox? It makes me reminisce about those days when the only way to wander was by daydreaming. Now, thanks to technology and supposed multitasking, we’re unable to focus on any one task individually. While I’m cooing at my baby, I’m checking my email and responding to a text. Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, focus.

So I don’t know about anyone else but I miss focus. Okay I’ll be honest I never was all that focused. But for people like me with inborn tendencies to procrastinate instead of plug, today’s technology is the absolute devil.

I’m assuming my boys, armed with distracted genes and today’s ipods, computers, and phones, have no chance at being focused. But for now, while they’re still almost technology free (believe it or not) they can still focus. I think. I tried checking but I got distracted.

Anyway, my two year old is now a full fledged toddler, complete with thirty minute tantrums that involve kicking, screaming, and a lot of sniffling. Thirty minutes. Doing one thing. Can you imagine the focus that takes? I took him out of the bath before he was ready and he started screaming. I wanna bath I wanna bath. And he kept at it. For thirty minutes. No pauses, no breaks to play lego or have a swig at the sippy cup. Thirty minutes of pure focus.

And much as I wanted to invest in a pair of bose headphones to restore my equilibrium, I have to admit I was kind of impressed. If I tried doing that, I think a few minutes in I’d get distracted and start um where were we again?


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