I take a break in the middle of my workday to pick up my two young uns and insert them into their sleeping compartments where they stay for around two hours while I complete my work. This made sense to me at some point. I thought it was a brilliant setup. Less time with someone else parenting my kids. Less money for childcare. More thinking I’m a good mom while all I’m doing is being home while they’re asleep.

But I can’t really juggle it lately. Today’s pick up/put down involved four consecutive tantrums from Aryeh and a forty minute put down routine for Yaakov who kept alternating between screaming tearfully and picking his head up and smiling at me and cooing for me to take him out. I joined him but mainly for the tearful part.

I don’t know how people schedule kids past their first. My first was definitely not good enough at night but he took his daytime naps on schedule for the same amount of time every day. Now there’s sporadic sleeping times, unpredictable falling asleep, and millions of wake ups every night. For the baby that is. Aryeh still gets put in the same time every day for his same nap and same bedtime. Which nothing can stand in the way of.

But there are people who have more than two kids. People, even, who stay home and care for their kids all day long. People who know how to put children in for naps. These people also probably have spotless kitchens. But I digress.

I guess I’m going to have to start sending them out longer hours so that my work doesn’t suffer. But it does seem ridiculous, especially for the baby, for me to be paying so much for childcare when I’m working at home. And he’s sleeping half the time he’s there.

But the structure of our life is dictated by our firstborn so the baby will just have to roll with it. If he doesn’t get stomped on first.


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