The Peonies that Never Opened and Other Short Stories

My thoughts are a bit obtuse or at best disjointed but I supposed I can blame that on sleep deprivation or something else which I can’t bring to mind.

I bought peonies for Shavuous. I love peonies. They are my absolutely favorite flower. I was so excited when I saw them in wholefoods just waiting there for me. Most of them were already in full bloom with their soft pink layers of petals opening their faces to smile. But I figured, why buy an open bunch and watch them rot when I can buy ones that are still closed and watch them blossom?

They never did blossom.

They sat on my dining room table in my beautiful round vase and just stayed there the same way I brought them home. They went from closed to dead without ever blossoming. This is sounding morbid I know. It was going to go somewhere positive but my brain is mush after a total of around 8 hours in the past three nights.

Because my baby won’t sleep. He’s sweet and yummy and rolling all over the room but sleep seems to have left his repertoire. There’s lots of eating, some smiling, some finally drifting off, but not much in the way of sleep.

Which led me to a very tiring work day trying to stay awake at the computer and coming across a beautiful blog which led to an effort to make some life resolutions which you should never do when you’re tired but I am doing nonetheless. I won’t make them out loud though because that always stops them from happening. Which is kind of the point of this post in some backhanded way.

I mean those peonies must have been telling me something. Maybe something about enjoying the blossoming while it happens instead of trying to orchestrate things the way you want them to be. About enjoying the sleepless nights because my blue eyed wonders will not be babies forever. I don’t know. That might be pushing it.


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