The Fascination of Procrastination

You don’t grow out of procrastination. I’ve hit my 30s and I still have the same terrible work ethic. The question is when do you grow into it?

I don’t think babies are born with it. Unless you count late appearances. But babies want everything NOW. Feed me, diaper me, hold me, play with me. Not later. Not Soon. Now.

But apparently sometime between birth and two years old the procrastination gene kicks in.

Aryeh’s response as of late to just about anything I ask him is “soon.” Come eat supper. It’s time for bed. You need to take a bath now. Let’s clean up your toys. Soon.

He says it with such sincerity, I almost believe him. He really will finish the rest of his food. And clean up his legos. And stop hitting his brother with a baseball bat. Soon.

I don’t know where he picked up on the word but he’s all over it. He’s the most cooperative, obliging child in theory. He just needs some more time before he’s ready to begin.

So do I.

As the work piles up until it threatens to drown me, I stay calm. I just tell myself:  Soon. Soon I’ll sit down and focus and get it all done. Any minute now really. Oh, is the day over already? Well, tomorrow is another day isn’t it?

Of course, the reason I’m writing this is obvious. Just another distraction instead of doing what I should be doing. Which I will be doing.



One response to “The Fascination of Procrastination

  1. Great post. You always make me lol. Love the picture, too!

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