Just Call Me Gveret Suess

Maybe I’m losing it. Or maybe I’m not. But after a post about gefilte fish that may or may not have flirted with existentialism and alchemy, I thought it was time to write a book. A book geared to the brilliant children in our midst. A book so breathtaking it would grab the attention of both children and adults, galavanting them into another sphere.

dr seuss
Please note that reference to fish is purely accidental and has no connection to my spice-rubbed appetizer.

Here’s what I got:

I Wish

I wish I wish I was a fish
Oh what a silly silly wish
Of all things that I could wish
Why would I want to be a fish?
When I could choose a lofty wish
Why be a brainless swimming fish?
I could be water in my wish
The water all around the fish
Reflecting light, oh what a wish
Instead why choose to be a fish
Oh what a foolish wish to wish
To be a rainbow colored fish
Without a mouth to shout a wish
Just nothing but a slimy fish
I could be anything whilst I wish
Anything at all not just a fish
But yet I wish I wish I wish
To be nothing but a fish
And I know why I make this wish
This wish this wish to be a fish
For fish you see it rhymes with wish
And so I wish to be a fish

If anyone knows a good illustrator, let me know. Or on the other hand, maybe don’t.



One response to “Just Call Me Gveret Suess

  1. Never read this one. Love the lyrics!! I think all kids will love this. I’ll try it out on Aryeh.

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