Is it just me or is the world suddenly full of perverts?

Every middle aged guy with a bulging belly and some friendly words has become the enemy. A smile from a stranger and I am yanking my kids hand and ready to run. Every picture I see of a teacher with his students and I see the pedophile lurking behind those eyes.

The Kletzky tragedy, despite cops’ assurance that he wasn’t a pedophile, has set our community aflame with how we are going to protect our kids. Which is a good thing. I’m happy people are addressing an issue oft shoved under the proverbial covers. But really this horrible story happened to a little boy with a stranger and the molestor issue is not one of strangers at all.

But it certainly has gotten my sixth sense antennas ticking and no one is going to emerge unscathed. I don’t think there is a single adult male, bulging belly or not, who can now say hello to my child in the supermarket without me suspecting him of vile misdeeds.

In the meantime, I’ll keep reading about how we protect our kids by teaching them to communicate, keep praying that my words will penetrate, and keep suspecting every friendly guy is a sick perverted weirdo.

The good part is I’m probably wrong.


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