The Problem with Blueberries

I just discovered how amazing blueberries are. Tart, firm, tangy, flavorful perfection. But that’s the good ones. The bad ones are mushy, bitter, mealy, horribleness. Which would be okay if eating one good one took longer than 1.7 seconds. But seeing as they’re so tiny and all you want to do is shove a handful in your mouth, blueberries are actually quite a challenge.

The only way to do it right is to slowly pick out the good ones. But that means you can’t simultaneously read a book, or write an email, or even have a conversation. When you eat blueberries, if you’re going to eat them right, you can only eat blueberries.

Which, while it may be a beautiful metaphor for the way we should live our lives, has made me cross blueberries off my to eat list.

donuts breakfast jewish mother

Unless someone wants to pre-sort them for me, in which case I’m all for the tart firm pleasure of a bowlful.

I just can’t bear the idea of focusing on any one thing  to the exclusion of all others.

And if I do start to really focus on the life I am living, I don’t think it’ll start with blueberries.

Although that may be hard for you to believe with purple juice dripping from my fingers.


2 responses to “The Problem with Blueberries

  1. love how the picture juxtaposes with you giving up on blueberries!! We can see where you went instead….

  2. Devorah, sounds like you’ve got the blueberry blues.

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