Lost Dreams or The Summer That Never Materialized

When summer first peeks its lazy head out with its long beckoning days and endless lemonade and sunshine, I always get excited. Parks and beaches await, fruit orchards and zoos beckon, fairs and outdoor concerts abound, and long evenings call out with their heaping plates of charcoaled food and walks in the velvet of summer night.

There’s an extra bounce in my step, an extra towel in my hand, and always some sand toys in my trunk.

And then, as summer heads to the place where all summers seem to go, there’s always disappointment.  The parks we haven’t gone to, the fruit we forgot to pick, the waves we haven’t splashed around in. And then some quick scurrying, trying to fit all of summer’s dreams into those last few days before school starts, fall arrives, and the only promise in the air is of winter’s imminent arrival.

I had those kind of plans for this week. The park, the beach, the fair, outdoor malls, farmers markets, a last minute vacation somewhere there are no signs for back to school. There’s only one week until labor day and my summer hasn’t seemed to start yet. Is there still time to don a bathing suit, grab a margarita, and join the fun?

last days of summer

I used to wonder why I couldn’t love fall more. The weather is nicer than summer really, none of that sticky humidity and burning sun, just cool breezes and crisp air. The leaves are breathtaking, the hikes perfect. But somehow all fall makes me think of is sweaters, shortened days, and the coming of a long winter.

Maybe this year will be different.

Yesterday, amid my excitement for the alleged beginning of my summer this week, I suddenly felt the onset of fall. True, it’s still August. But the temperatures have dropped, and this morning’s air was, for lack of a better word, perfect. Still warm, but somehow more crisp, with a breeze blowing that makes me want to stay outside until the sun finishes its descent this evening.

And you know what thoughts that breeze brought with it? Not sweaters or short days but the promise of fall. Fruit orchards, parks, hikes, and even some quiet beaches, abandoned by the summer crowds.

I still regret my bathing suit that hasn’t made it out of the drawer, but maybe fall won’t be so bad.

I’m still just not ready to let summer go.


One response to “Lost Dreams or The Summer That Never Materialized

  1. It’s amazing that you feel this way too- or is it everybody? I feel this way every year, come the end of summer. There is just something about summer breathes opportunity and possibility…

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