I’m a noncommittal person. I don’t commit. I hate committing. Granted, I’m married. But that’s a miracle for another time. The issue at hand is that I don’t commit to things- to articles of clothing, to projects I start, to careers. To choosing anything ever. I instead keep my options open, meandering along in the land of indecision.

So starting a blog by no means meant I had to regularly post. I didn’t commit to a blog. I merely posted my ponderings. When I was in the mood. The funny thing is in the past few weeks of not posting, I was ironically, quite in the mood. The problem was I had too many things I wanted to say, too many photos I wanted to post, too many choices to be made. So I didn’t commit to any. I just stayed where I was, without choosing words or images from among all the other words and images flitting through my mind and hard drive.

Last I remember I was reminiscing about the promise of summer and the fact that it never seems to materialize. Then I read a fabulous article proving The Case Against Summer and had my own case for summer and of course against as well since I’m not much one for choosing a side of an argument and sticking with it.

But let’s be honest. Summer may only be a few weeks gone, or actually a few hours remaining if you go by the actual calendar, but summer’s not on anyone’s minds anymore. We’re onto fall, focused on the frantic outfitting that takes place each autumn when we shockingly awake one morning and say What? It’s COLD? No one told me this was coming; we have nothing but summer things in our wardrobes. We’re on to bigger things and while they may not be better, summer is nothing but a distant memory.

Nonetheless I did squeeze the last few drops out of summer that I could, and although our shortlived two day vacation that included the rude awakening that two children along is not a vacation and miserable food poisoning that killed any joy summer could have yet held, I’m still proud of the photos I took on that glorious attempt at rekindling summer.

And have I mentioned that I recently shattered my camera, haven’t gotten around to getting it fixed, and took these with my husband’s iphone?

Even I’m impressed.

Hard as it is to commit, I’ll try to just post a few of my favorites.

Did I say a few? Narrowing it down that far was actually a huge commitment for me.

And if the photos seem skewed towards one of our beloved offspring, it’s not because we don’t love Aryeh, but if you run from the camera, sometimes it can’t keep up.


3 responses to “Commitment

  1. Beautiful! There actually aren’t more pictures of Yaakov. I did a quick scan/count. Correct me if I am wrong. Commitment is a great topic for us all as it is huge!

  2. The pictures are gorgous-i cant belive you took these with a phone! i love your writing please write more often. thanks!

  3. The pictures are amazing! I looove the forth one. I hope your husband is a more committed and decision maker person than you cuz believe me when I say when both husband and wife cant make a decision (and just hope for the other one to do so for you) the end result is just plain “nothing”

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